Kamsah | Loft Rug - Large


in collaboration with Kamsah

Modern meets tradition in this versatile rug. Off-white and grey tones make for a subtle statement maker. While mohair wool combined with a tight weave makes it a perfect fit for high traffic areas. It also makes cleaning up after spills extremely easy.

+ Moisture repellent

+ Crease-resistant

+ 7'5" x 4'3"

+ Certificate of authenticity included

+ Free US shipping

We highly recommend using a rug pad with this rug.  It will help preserve the rug better and keep it in place.  Vacuum with a suction-only setting regularly.  For stains, use a natural cleaner (like this one).

The Loft Rug is made by a progressive collective of women in the north-west region of Tunisia.  Each piece is handcrafted on the same style looms found in Egypt over 6,000 years ago.  The shapes that line the sides of the rug are a geometric representation of a split hoof - a common characteristic of the mammals that thrive in the mountains.  These symbols are an homage to the wildlife that surrounds the region they’re from.  

The process starts in the spring (May) with the trimming of wool from angora goats.  Work on wool lasts several months and has to be finished before winter.  Once the wool has been cleaned, spun into yarn and dyed, winter has arrived and the artisans can begin weaving. 


The yarn is organically dyed with pomegranates, beats, rosemary, juniper, olive and mugwort tree branches.  Spices such as coriander, curcuma, and turmeric are some of the spices that are also used to dye the fibers.

**Disclaimer: Although the dyes are 100% natural, there is a marginal amount of chemicals used to take out unpleasant scents from the dyes and to help preserve the colors.