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Peshtemal Towel - Ivory with Black Stripes


This Pesthemal Towel is a very soft, lightweight towel that can easily double as a shawl or travel blanket. The perfect addition to your workspace - wrap it around and keep yourself warm in the office or use it to dry off after a relaxing bath. These Peshtemal towels are very compact and easy to transport and store.

Hand-woven on traditional shuttle looms, the weaving pattern creates a subtle texture while the cotton fibers make this Peshtemal light and breathable. 

+ Measurements: 35.9" x 66.5"
+ 100% Turkish cotton
+ Pre-shrunken


After a year of testing, we recommend you wash your peshtemal in a light load or alone on a gentle cycle in cold water. Machine dry in low heat.


|  STAINS  |

Absorb the moisture with a light colored cloth and wash immediately.

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