The Round Top - Pale Green


Our handmade hats go great with all your jeans and t-shirt days or really any day you want to look like you tried without actually putting in the effort. The Round Top style is great if you're looking for a year-round wool hat.  Made with a wool that's lighter in weight than our other styles, the Round Top is also incredibly comfortable. Available in sizes XS - L.

+ Crown: 3.5" + Brim: 2.8” + Handcrafted in Ecuador

Here's how to measure your head to determine your hat size:

+ Wrap a tape measure around the widest part of your head (or around the part of your head where you’d wear the hat). Hold the tape measure tighter for a snug fit and looser for a more spacious fit.

+ You’ll want to measure to the nearest 1/8 inch.

+ Once you have that measurement, find your correct size using the following chart (if you’re between sizes we recommend going up a size):

 XS 21"  -  21 7/8"
S 21 1/4"  -  22"
M 22 1/4"  -  22 7/8"
L 23"  -  23 7/8"

Cleaning - Brush the hat with a soft bristle brush counter clock-wise to remove surface dirt.  Stubborn lint is easily removed with a lint roller.  We recommend brushing or lint rolling once a week if used regularly.

Stains - Blot the stain until all the moisture is absorbed.  Spray the stain with a natural upholstery cleaner.  We recommend Folex Carpet Spot Remover.

Creasing - Stubborn creases can be smoothed out by steaming the area.  You can use a handheld steamer or hold the hat over a pot of steaming water.

Our wool hats are produced in a tiny indigenous village that's surrounded by volcanoes called Iluman.

Master artisans Zoila & Carlos inherited the art of hat making from their parents who were taught the craft by their parents and so on.  Learn more about the process and the people who make them here >>