Avocado Straw Hat - Honey


For all those warm and sunny days, our breathable and lightweight Avocado Straw Hat is what you'll want on your head.  Our straw hats are made with 100% Toquilla Straw and it has a ribbon band for subtle contrast.  Amongst other things, it's our favorite natural SPF. 

+ Brim: 3.25"

+ Crown: 4"

+ Ribbon: 0.7"

+ Hand-crafted in Ecuador

This hat fits true to size.

Here's how to measure your head to determine your hat size:

+ Wrap a tape measure around the widest part of your head (or around the part of your head where you’d wear the hat). Hold the tape measure tighter for a snug fit and looser for a more spacious fit.

+ You’ll want to measure to the nearest 1/8 inch.

+ Once you have that measurement, find your correct size using the following chart (if you’re between sizes we recommend going up a size):


21"  -  21 7/8"


21 1/4"  -  22"


22 1/4"  -  22 7/8"


23"  -  23 7/8"

Handling: Straw hats are made of natural toquilla straw in Ecuador.  The material is delicate so handing the hat by its brim is recommended as the oils in our hands can dry out the straw and cause it to crack over time.

Storage: Store the hat in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight.  We recommend that you store the hat on its crown instead of the brim since storing a hat on its brim will cause it to change shape.

Water: We do not recommend you wear the hat in the rain as water can cause the straw to soften and change shapes.

Cleaning: Clean your straw hat with a soft bristled brush. 

Each straw hat is hand-woven with toquilla straw that is harvested in Ecuador.  The toquilla plant is cut down and the leaves are dried out which creates the straw that makes up each hat.  The straw is bleached to get it to its natural color before it is hand-woven into the shape of a hood.

The weaving process is intricate and time-consuming.  Our straw hats are grades 3-4. Straw hats are graded on a scale that determines how fine the weave of the hat is, the higher the number the smaller the weave and the longer it takes to make.

Once the hood is completed, the straw hat is shaped by our artisan partners.  Click here to learn more about their production process here >>