Cotacachi, Ecuador  |  Ximena


Ximena lives and works in the city of leather, Cotacachi, located between two volcanoes by the name of Cotacachi and Imbabura.  Ximena and her husband have been crafting high-quality leather pieces for over 20 years.  Their work stands out easily thanks to the attention to detail and superior craftsmanship they put into each piece.  This duo loves combining new leather crafting techniques with the ones passed down to them by their parents. 

The leather pieces that fill this shop are all crafted from leather that comes directly out of the meat industry from the small city of Baños, Ecuador.  The production of the leather used on our goods begins with an early visit to the local butcher where an average of 10-20 hides is collected per day.  Once he's accumulated 150-200 hides, he processes them into finished leather that's ready for production.  

Production starts with the cutting of the leather hides.  Each part of the hide will be cut into a different shape - a process where a lot of planning is required to prevent waste.  The cut pieces are glued and sewed together, a process that can take hours or days depending on the complexity of the item.

Once every stitch, pin, and rivet has been added, the item is inspected for quality and consistency by Ximena's team.


Ximena's workshop is a lively place where eight members of the community go to work each day.   As is the case with many of the indigenous villages in Ecuador where our goods are made, employment options are limited.  Ximena takes great pride in sharing every new comer her knowledge and experience in the crafting of leather pieces.  A skill she hopes will employ them for the rest of their lives.  Each member of Ximena's team enjoys a living wage as well as access to healthcare. 

In an effort to help advance the goals of Ximena's workshop, we've created a fund to provide Business Development Projects in the form of education, improvements to equipment/tools as well as any other area fit for improvement.  10% of the proceeds from the sale of Ximena's pieces is set aside to help fund said improvement projects.