Enfidha, Tunisia  |   Besma


Besma is a lively individual who lives and works in the city of Enfidha.  She splits her time between her job as a professor and an artisan/mentor to the women artisan group she created.  As the head artisan behind the hand-crafted linens in the shop, she teaches each woman what the skills needed to complete their jobs.

As is the case with many of the woven pieces in the shop, the production process starts with the material - cotton.  The cotton is collected from local farms and processed into threads before it is organically dyed.  The artisans work remotely from home which allows them to complete the work around their family life.  Each artisan is responsible for completing different parts of the linens.  The final step is completed by Besma - a thorough inspection for quality and consistency,


The group headed by Besma is made up of 5 mothers who collectively help one another earn a dignified living.  The wages they earn are helping fund a variety of the family's living expenses as well as education for the children of the women.