Alpaca Blanket - Plush - Sienna


For those days when you need a little extra warmth - our new line of Plush Blankets is a slightly denser version of our original Alpaca Blankets.  This heavier version has added weight and warmth while maintaining the softness that has made it a shop favorite.  And yes, this one is machine washable too!

+ 94" L x 68.5" W

+ 40% Alpaca 60% Synthetic

+ Hand-crafted in Ecuador

Washing - Machine wash with cold water on a gentle cycle. Tumble dry in low heat.

Stains - As soon as a stain occurs, blot the area and absorb the liquid as best as possible. Wash the blanket immediately to prevent the stain from settling into the fibers.

Maintaining - Alpaca is just like hair and can get a little frizzy over time. To restore your blanket to its original glory, brush the blanket in the direction of the fibers with a soft bristled brush. Follow by ironing in the same direction.